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Simply Epicureous

Simply Epicureous



Chocoladatop left, Rich Chocolate Ganache top right, Tiramisu bottom left and Brownie Cake lower right (Erin Pembroke/April 7, 2013)

Erin Pembroke

Freelance Writer

April 8, 2012 | 4 p.m.

HOLLYWOOD, Florida – Tasty morsels for the soul of epicureans can be found at Chocolada. Chocolada is a café and a bakery in which people can either eat breakfast or lunch or choose to take their desserts to go with them. Among these options, the desserts are the most highly recommended. One such dessert that is highly prized and named after the café is the Chocolada.

The Chocolada is a very intense, creamy and rich chocolate mousse brownie with hints of hazelnut that merely add to the dessert’s outstanding taste. This dessert is not only palatable but leaves your taste-buds always wanting to return to taste it. It is recommended that the consumer drink plenty of water with this or a cup of milk because it is very sweet. On a scale of 1 being the worst and five being the best, the Chocolada deserves a rating of 5 stars and may even surpass the rating scale of excellence because of its pleasing saporific taste.

The next dessert, the Rich Chocolate Ganche is similar to the Chocolada but with a bit of a difference. The Rich Chocolate Ganche is also creamy, rich and intense in taste but without the hazelnut. Unlike the Chocolada, nothing else is added to enhance the taste. Using the same rating scale above, the Rich Chocolate Ganche is rated 4 stars and not 5 because of the lack of an extra added flavor such as hazelnut, almond or vanilla.

Contrary to the desserts stated above, the Amaretto Cake is strong, bold and soft. It reminds one of biscotti and is suggested to eat this with an espresso, latte or a cappuccino to enhance the taste. The Amaretto Cake does not need any additional flavors and does fine on its own. Using the same scale above, the Amaretto Cake is rated 3 stars because of the bold and powerful acquired taste in which the dessert may be too strong for most to handle.

Lastly, fourth treat is the Tiramisu. The Tiramisu is creamy and milky and comes with a cookie at the top. It also has a sponge-cake at the bottom of the dish. The consumer may taste the Mascarpone cheese and/or the sweet condense milk and hints of cinnamon that is sprinkled on top. Unfortunately, the rating of the Tiramisu is low. It is rated 2 stars out of 5 because it lacked the espresso or coffee liquor and mocha taste. However, the mocha can be tasted in its similar counter-part, the Tiramisu Cake.


1923 Hollywood Blvd., FL 33020, (954) 920-6400,


Breakfast, $3.50-$6; Lunch, $6.75; Desserts, varies


8 a.m. to 12 a.m. on Monday to Sunday

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First Time

First Time


              Freelance Writer, Erin Pembroke attempts snowboarding

              (Courtesy of Adam Jones / March 23, 2013)

By Erin Pembroke

Freelance Writer

April 7, 2013 |10 p.m.

KEYSTONE, Colorado – Despite the initial falls of snowboarding for the first time, you leave with an exhilarating blood-pumping-thrill in your veins that leaves you wanting to come back to not only the sport but to Keystone Resorts. First, you tumble for several miserable and lousy times until your knees, arms and legs get sore and banged-up but then everything changes. You start to get the hang of it. You put one foot forward and the other back, strap yourself in and let yourself rapidly descend a mountain. Imagine, the cool, icy winds rushing to meet your face at 40-50 mph. Your heart is racing, fear is upon you and yet, an overcoming feeling of achievement sets in your mind.

First, before you experience all of this excitement, you need to know some of the essentials to be prepared for this sport. You should have a well insulated jacket, long underwear and snowboarding pants. In addition to this, a person will require goggles, a helmet, snowboard boots, a snowboard and only one pair of thick snowboarding socks.

The reason why you need one pair of properly thick socks is because if you wear two, your toes will be jammed and hurt in your snowboarding boots. You also need thick and well insulated mittens and may want to consider purchasing hand-warmers to place inside your mittens, a ski mask or a well insulated hat with flaps that protect your ears from the cold. It is a recommendation to wear sun-screen, chap-stick and drink sufficient amount of water before you start snowboarding to avoid dehydration, dried skin and chapped lips.

Next, snowboarding lessons are highly recommended. It is not necessary if you have a friend or know someone that can teach you for free. The first-time snowboarder must figure out if they are “goofy footed” or “regular footed,” meaning which foot are you going to put first; left (“regular”) or right (“goofy”). It is important to know this because your body and its weight will use which ever foot you put forward to steer down several slopes.

Lastly, the key secrets or elements to the actual act of snowboarding are all about posture, knee position and toe/heel movements. A first-time snowboarder’s goal is to have a stance as if you are a goalie playing in the game of soccer. You should have your knees slightly bent while not flailing or moving your arms. Following this position, the person has to slightly move your toes as if you are slightly scrunching them in a ball but not quite curling your toes. Third, while doing the step above, the beginner must add somewhat move your knee. To stop, tilt your heels back so that the board tilts back in the same way a butter knife slightly scraps against a piece of toast.

All this fun can be possible for you, the traveler at Keystone Resorts where the style of the hotels resemble warm and cozy cabins and night skiing is possible until about 8 p.m. (when the gondolas and lifts close). Keystone Lodge offers skiing, snowboarding, ice-skating, snowbiking, tubing, and a dinner sleigh ride. The resort also offers several restaurants, shops and different spa options to choose from on your stay.


22864 U.S. 6, Keystone, CO 80435, (970) 496-4155,


Please see website or call the ticket office for details; prices change with the number of days, people and rental gear available


8:30 a.m. to 8 p.m. (for mountain activities) on Nov. 2nd – April 7th.

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Speak Up Against World Hunger

A very creative & engaging PSA (video clip) on world hunger for Bread for the World

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Secret Delicacy Found: A Book by its Cover

Secret Delicacy Found: A Book by its Cover

Erin Pembroke

Freelance Writer

March 31, 2013

(To properly view, go to: http://

Vail, Colorado – Delicacy at Sonnealp Hotel’s Swiss Chalet Restaurant is odd to order but taste buds say other wise.

Do not let this aesthetically unappealing entrée named the Zuricher Geschnetzeltes fool you. It may look like a plate of blob or a soup for that matter but what the person actually receives when eating this dish is far more pleasurable than expected.

The Zuricher Geschnetzeltes consists of veal that is cooked to perfection and is sautéed with Oyster Mushrooms, Button Mushrooms and Chardonnay Cream sauce that plays a delectable role on one’s tongue. The dish is rich and creamy and the medium-strong notes of Chardonnay can definitely be tasted on a person’s palate. Overall, the veal is tender, juicy and well flavored.

Both the Oyster and Button Mushrooms merely add to the flavor and although the entrée is served with Rösti Potatoes, you will forget all about them because the exquisite veal takes all the show here. On a scale of 1-5, with 1 being the worst and 5 being the best, the Zuricher Geschnetzeltes surpasses 5 on the scale. If the entrée must have a number, it would be a 10 but because the sale must be used, the dish deserves all 5 stars. What a highly recommended delight and the chef must be commended.


 20 Vail Road, Vail, CO 81657, (970) 479-5429,


Open bar, $3-$6; Dinner, $9-$38; Desserts, $10-$14


 Open bar: 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. on Monday to Sunday and Dinner: 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. also Monday to Sunday

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Passion Abounds Bastille

Food & Travel Review

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The ADD Culture

by: Erin Pembroke; written on June 29, 2011

            Have you noticed a certain trend in society? This trend I am talking about seems to have some sort of effect on both the youth and adults. Guess what trend I am talking about; ADD or ADHD. Yep, you are reading this correctly. ADD.

I have noticed that everywhere I go, pre-teenagers and teenagers discuss a topic and then five minutes later they forget what they were discussing or laugh for no reason (perhaps because they forgot what they said). I have also noticed that adults seem to rock back and forth or waver in the chairs they are sitting on when they have to wait a long time for something. For instance, when I was at a DMV, I noticed that an older Jewish man sat down and five minutes later, he wavered back and forth in his chair for about thirty minutes. I do not think that this man was aware of what he was doing because if he were, I think he would stop rocking back and forth in his chair.

I have also noticed that as young adults and teenagers get more absorbed in pop-culture and television icons, they tend to imitate them or act like them, thus taking in the lack of ability to concentrate and pay attention because the celebrities do not seem to concentrate or pay attention. This lack of concentration can be found on “Jersey Shore,” “Jerseylicious,” and any other reality T.V. Show. The viewer ends up taking in this lack of focus and concentration and making it their own personality trait. Not only that, but people’s minds seem to wonder off more often than perhaps in the past. A person is more likely to stare at a person walking by than look at the person they are talking to. It seems like the world is just not paying attention.

It is a new culture we are living in. This culture is the ADD culture. This is the era where kids can’t pay attention and focus on their homework; the time where kids can’t focus on anything but video-games and it is the video-games and computers that have caused this so called “ADD Culture.” Children all the way to young adults play so many video-games or use so much technology that nothing but those items can hold their attention. A child does not listen to a parent when playing a video-game nor does he or she want to get up during one. Doing any other activity during a video-game or work on a computer makes one lose a game or die in a video-game or lose track of their progress and work on a computer. This is the era and the culture where many dinners are actually eaten in front of a T.V. or on a computer. This is thus, the “alone culture.”

When a man or a woman goes on several dates with each other and get comfortable with each other, one of them is likely to pull out a cell phone and start “texting” during a conversation at dinner when dining out. Yes, it is disrespectful but in this age, people do not realize how disrespectful it is because they are attached to their electronics. Either sex would view it as a sign of boredom while the other may view it as I have to catch up on work or the latest gossip, news etc. However, it can be a sign of both boredom and catching up on things. When we immediately pull out that cell phone, we do not realize how we affect that person and what it says about us and what the other person means to us. This easily accessible electronic scatters out mind because we end up in our own world. We do not listen to what the other person is saying. It is as if we push them aside and do not appreciate what is in front of our eyes; the person with whom you are on a date!

It just seems like people these days cannot sit still, listen, pay attention, focus, or concentrate on one task at a time. It seems like our minds and attention is always diverted elsewhere. We never question what is so important that is diverting our attention. We just let it happen on a regular basis without a care; as if it is ordinary.

What makes a culture ADD? I believe when a large group of people (not one here or there) start acting in such a manner that they get bored or distracted easily and have difficult paying attention. ADD consists of poor listening skills, struggling to complete tasks, tendency to overlook details, and zoning out in the middle of a conversation. Not only is our culture ADD but also ADHD, meaning our culture shows classic symptoms of one that is ADHD such as: trouble sitting still or fidgeting all the time, and doing several things at one time. Both of these put together in society or in the masses perhaps makes civilization prone to its own downfall by producing people and offspring that cannot contribute well to society nor survive because of the lack of ability to concentrate and get important tasks done (in order to survive). This is not the case now, however, it cannot be over-looked.

The trend is increasing and there is nothing being done to decrease this problem because society does not realize that this is even a problem. All, I have done is make the readers aware of the problem but it is up to the audience to spread the word and stop this “ADD culture” madness through awareness and word of mouth. All-in-all, we live in an “ADD culture,” where people cannot pay attention, concentrate or focus on much of anything because of technology and something must be done about the situation before it is too late.

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